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INTRODUCTION: Overview [English - Français] -
Thank you for visiting, and welcome to, our new web page. Our firm specializes in the design and consulting of, and lectures/seminars on: healthy housing & green buildings, including strawbale projects.

Alberta Sustainable Home/OfficeCalgary EcoHome: Guided tours are given on selected occasion, on an ad hoc basis. Contact Jorg Ostrowski if interested. Bring slippers. Voluntary contributions welcome. Private Eco-Tours for groups & companies are available for a charge by appointment only. About 120,000 people have toured the Alberta Sustainable Home/Office from around the world. See location map.

Demonstration Projects: Members of the team have been involved with the design and construction of 5 demonstration projects, visited by about 150,000 people. Our most recent is a small strawbale EcoOffice building.

1) Download a printable overview of our professional services (0.3 MB, JPG)
2) Net Zero Energy Healthy Homes (NZEHH) and Energy Plus: Consulting
Services, Projects & Resume (0.8 MB, PDF )

1) Airdrie Strawbale Demonstration Project Slideshow (8.5 MB, PPT)
2) Alberta Bible College RecoFit Slideshow (0.4 MB, PDF)
3) Portfolio of Completed Projects Slideshow (4.4 MB, PDF)
4) Alberta Sustainable Home/Office Slideshow (3.5 MB, PPT)

1) "sOILar Sands" Proposal: to fill a black hole with Sunshine in Fort Mac's Eco-Industrial Park (0.2 MB, PDF)

Principals: Our names are noted below. 2 of us live in a healthy home and work in a sustainable office trying to practice what we preach.

Partnerships: Our demonstration projects have given some of our 300 partners a unique opportunity to expose, feature, highlight, promote, test and improve their products in a "real world" setting, under actual use, in case your firm has a product, material or technology that needs high profile exposure and/or market feedback.

Projects: If you need professional architectural/environmental design/consulting on a new/retrofit sustainable home, factory, office or campus, our portfolio of residential, commercial & educational projects may be of interest.

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Principals: Jorg Ostrowski, M. Arch. (M.I.T.), B. Arch. (Toronto), Helen Ostrowski, B. S. Arch. (U.S.T.)
28 years in "Real World" professional Green Building practice, new & retrofit, 4 residential/commercial Demonstration Projects completed