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Virtual Tours:
of the Alberta Sustainable Home/Office
Key Words: Calgary, tourist attraction, virtual, tour, corporation, school, association, sustainable, healthy, green, home, building, self sufficient, off-grid, local solutions, global problems, field trip, education, security, conference, urban ecotourism, meeting space
Alberta Sustainable Home/Office - Quick Time Virtual Reality Panoramas
View from Master Bedroom
Greywater Wall
Living Room Ceiling
Green Room - 376K

Note: You many require the Quick Time Player free download here [6MB]. These are .mov files.

Alberta Sustainable Home/Office - Floor Plans/Schematics

ASH Floor Plan Level 1ASH Upper Floor Plan

ASH Section

R17 Window
Floor Plans/Section
Click to enlarge
Mechanical/Water Reuse Schematics
Click to enlarge
R17 Window
Click to enlarge

ADDRESS: 9211 Scurfield Dr. N.W., Calgary Alberta, Canada T3L 1V9 (in Scenic Acres in NW Calgary)
Location Map is found at

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© Jorg Ostrowski 2003 [All rights reserved]

Table Of Contents  
1.000   Public EcoTours
2.000   CD-ROMs
3.000   Virtual Tour: Panorama of Living Room, GreenHouse & Master Bedroom

4.000   Private "EcoTours" for Corporations & Schools
5.000   EcoHouse Rental Suite

Note: Information on this page is subject to change without notice, as it becomes available, upgraded or improved. It should not be relied upon. It is only meant to inform only. It is not consulting or advice on your project. Tours are not private consulting, which can be scheduled before or after the tours.

1.000) Public EcoTours of the Alberta Sustainable Home/Office
Thank you for your interest in our work, a healthy planet and a sustainable future for the new millennium. The 1-hour long "guided tours"
for individuals (no groups allowed), provided as a public service by ASH Inc., are available on every last Saturday of each month (except holidays and long weekends) from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Those willing to buy a CD-ROM or other souvenir may do so to help defray costs for the wear and tear, time, cleanup and literature. Please leave your business card behind. Since people are our greatest renewable resource, we appreciate any useful information that you can share with us. If you have a special project in mind, please let us know. If you know about any interesting article, please bring it. If you know of any new environmental product or program that we should be using, please bring us details. If you know of any interesting environmental buildings, plans or communities, please let us know. Please read the disclaimer below BEFORE COMING. The main floor is handicapped accessible. Most environmentally hypersensitive people can tolerate this house.

The start of the tour outside the Alberta Sustainable Home Office1.100) EcoTour REMINDERS (for both Public and Private Tours):
1.101) Each tour starts outside in the park on the south side of the house.
1.102) Be dressed for the weather (tours start outside, even in the winter).
1.103) Please bring your slippers for inside the house.
1.104) Please phone ahead to confirm (403) 239-1882.
1.105) Please come early (don't come at 3:30 PM)
1.106) We are a for-profit company, not a government agency or charitable organization. We are not available at other times without an appointment.
1.107) Please keep in mind that this building is a private home and office and we would appreciate not having people wandering around unaccompanied.
1.108) Children, if any, should be kept under strict supervision at all times, please.
1.109) We give verbal permission, when asked, to those willing to send us copies of their pictures.

Inside the tour  Alberta Sustainable Home OfficeThank you for your co-operation, understanding and assistance.

1.201) Product literature can be found free-of-charge in the literature rack in the showroom, while supplies last.
1.202) Flyers on our Professional Services and this project are also available free-of-charge during tours.
1.203) Copies of Conference Papers on this project, and related work, are available for a cost.
1.204) Copies of our "CheckList" outlining all major features of the project are also available for a cost.
1.205) Much of this information is being transferred to the CD-ROM.

1.300) VIDEO for rent
1.301) 4 videos on Straw Bale Construction are available for rent by phoning the office at 239-1882.

2.000) CD-ROMS:
2.001) We are working on informative and educational CD-ROMs, graphics, Powerpoint presentations, virtual tours (where available) and text on the following topics, based on past projects, conference papers, articles and other useful information. Each will be "work-in progress", with changes and improvements as time and resources allow.

2.002) This will allow visitors to get much more information than several tours combined and allow you to study the information at your own schedule. They will allow far away visitors to our web site to go on a tour in picture format and text, without travelling to Calgary. This will also allow students from junior, high, and vocational schools, colleges, and universities (architecture schools, environmental programs) to study some of the "real world" constraints and opportunities involved in environmental buildings. Our professional work is not academic or hypothetical. Almost all of our designs have been built.

2.003) CD-ROMs that are available for purchase are indicated when ready. Watch the list for latest additions. Not one of them will provide all the answers or be perfect. They can be purchased before or after your tour as a useful souvenir, or ordered by e-mail, when they become available. If you think this is a good idea, please let us know. If you have any preference, or suggestion, or would like to work on such a project as a volunteer, please let one of the partners know.

Note: Information on this CD-ROM is subject to change without notice, as it becomes available, upgraded or improved. It should not be relied upon. It is only meant to inform only. It is not consulting or advice on your project.

2.100) The Alberta Sustainable Home/Office CD-ROM (based on 27 years experience):

2.1101) Abstract
2.1102) Main Principles:
2.1103) Vision Statement
2.1104) Summary
2.120) DRAWING Room:
2.1201) Main Floor Plan & features
2.1202) Second Floor Plan & features
2.1203) Section & features
2.1204) R-17 Window Section
2.1205) Landscape Plan listing all plants
2.1206) Generic Sustainable Home Project
2.1207) Potable Water Schematic
2.1208) Water Treatment Schematics
2.1209) Mechanical Schematics

2.130) MULTI-MEDIA Centre:
2.1301) Video 1 (or TV clip)
2.1302) Power Point Presentation
2.1303) Gallery: Photo Album
2.1304) Virtual Tours (3)
2.1305) other Media releases
2.1306) Articles (2)

2.140) INFORMATION Kiosk:
2.1401) Conference Papers (3)
2.1402) Partnership List (Names only)
2.1403) Checklist (for other homes &home buyers)

Notes: 1) 4.03) is useful for designing, or buying a new home

Other future CD-ROMs may focus on the following. Based on our wide scope of work and experience with many different building methods, there is no perfect construction technique.

2.200) Strawbale EcoHome/EcoOffice CD-ROM (based on 26 years experience):

2.201) detailed Floor Plans (2)
2.202) detailed Landscape Plan
2.203) detailed Section
2.204) captioned Photographs
2.205) Powerpoint presentation
2.206) computer simulation results
2.207) Conference Paper
2.209) and other practical info on our Municipal EcoOffice Demonstration Centre to allow other municipalities to review the main features in case they too have a need for an office for the staff at their recycling centre. Since we are not strawbale zealots, we take an objective, practical and real-world position, rather than a subjective, academic or infatuated approach.

2.300) Other topics for future CD-ROMS
2.310) RecoFits & Solar Additions: single family homes and multi-family housing projects
2.320) Alternative Construction Methods: Rammed Earth, Double Wall, Eco-Studs, SIPs (structural Insulated Panels)
2.330) Strawbale House Plans:
2.340) Passive Solar House Plans:
Note: Information on these CD-ROMs is subject to change without notice, as it becomes available, upgraded or improved. It should not be relied upon. It is only meant to inform only. It is not consulting or advice on your project.

3.000) Virtual Tour: Virtual Reality Panoramas, with zoom control

Thank you for your interest in our work, a healthy planet and a sustainable future for the new millennium.
3.100) Living Room - 250K
3.200) GreenHouse - 376K
3.300) Master Bedroom - 282K

Grand Opening of the Alberta Sustainable Home Office3.400) ABSTRACT of the Alberta Sustainable Home/Office:
3.401) This project was completed in early 1994, as the 5th demonstration project designed and/or built by Jorg ostrowski and his team during the last 30 years. About 10,000 students from as far away as Main U.S., and corporations from as far away as Japan, have toured this building. In addition, another 60,000 people from around the world have toured this facility. This project has been covered in about 70 media events from articles, TV documentaries, conference papers and case studies.

3.402) This 3 bedroom 1820 sq. ft. demonstration home/office is a sustainable, autonomous and an energy-credit prototype for cold climates and the 21st century to exemplify the company's mandate: environmental stewardship, occupant health, resource conservation, appropriate technology, alternative energy, and self-sufficiency. All projects are dedicated to healthy materials, green buildings, energy independence, for a brighter future, safer planet, greater freedom and a sustainable economy.

Japanese tour group at the Alberta Sustainable Home Office3.403) This project integrates the best of yesterday, the reality of today and the trends of tomorrow. Its purpose is to provide an inventory of environmental choices, concepts, features, products, transportation and lifestyle options for educators, entrepreneurs, professionals, civil servants and the general public. All concepts, features and products are appropriate for either or both new or recofit (ecological retrofit) projects, including sustainable homes, offices, commercial buildings, neighbourhoods, communities, subdivisions, and industrial parks.

3.404) For further information on this and other projects please see our evolving Portfolio web site.
For an abbreviated PowerPoint presentation on this project, please click [here] (to come in the future). A full PowerPoint presentation is available in the CD-ROM.

4.000) Private "EcoTours" for Corporations, Groups, NGOs & Schools:

4.100) INTRODUCTION: Thank you for your interest in our work, a healthy planet and a sustainable future for the new millennium. Private 1-hour long guided tours, for specific companies, delegations, groups and schools are given by a resident expert, and are available for a charge by appointment only. Please contact: Helen Ostrowski for further information or booking, or fill out the information requested below. The tour will allow you to see a living inventory of:
4.101) sustainable ideas
4.102) innovative concepts
4.103) leading-edge features
4.104) healthy materials
4.105) green products
4.106) alternative energies
4.107) appropriate technologies
4.108) practical solutions
4.109) any array of publications

These private tours are dedicated tours useful for the following interested parties, both for lay people and professionals:
4.201) building managers
4.202) home/building owners
4.203) future owner-builders
4.204) home buyers
4.205) designers/architects/planners/engineers
4.206) individuals
4.207) builders/developers
4.208) enlightened utilities
4.209) bright politicians
4.210) city managers/municipal officials
4.211) conference organizers
4.212) government officials (politicians, ADMs)

4.300) BENEFITS:
4.301) If a "picture is worth a thousand words", then a "tour is worth a thousand pictures". Compared to "virtual reality", a private and dedicated "real world" tour in 3-D (dimensions) and living colour allows the following benefits from on-site opportunities and interaction not available in books, web sites, CD-ROMs or at any other location in Canada, for each of the following 3 groups:
Tours are not private consulting, which can be scheduled before or after the tours.

A) BUSINESSES, CORPORATIONS, LOBBY GROUPS: for leadership in a greener economy
For business people, executive directors, VPs, shareholders, managers and promoters, this is a "win win" opportunity to strengthen: market strategies, penetrations, leverage, linkages, dividends, market share and strategic alliances. You may be able to reconsider how sustainable development could influence your marketplace and bottom line. In many cases the tour has helped staff on a personal level. The tours may also give you insights into: emerging trends, public pressure, winds of change, new legislation, coming standards, economic incentives. In addition the tour may also help to launch a few of the following corporate actions, benefits or initiatives listed below:
4.302) expand your horizons
4.303) (re)define new priorities
4.304) understand the context
4.305) probe the present
4.306) gain market leverage
4.307) reward staff creativity
4.308) take the lead
4.309) set the benchmark
4.310) show corporate leadership
4.311) utilize tax incentives
4.312) enlighten your board
4.313) expand "value added" content
4.314) judge performance & potential
4.315) see green products in action
4.316) touch healthy materials in use
4.317) make strategic plans & matchmaking
4.318) develop a team approach
4.319) beware of regulatory changes
4.320) increase the threshold
4.321) realize new PR opportunities
4.322) increase dividends & ratings
4.323) gather market intelligence
4.324) expand your product line
4.325) upgrade your reception area
4.326) add to your library
4.327) consider constraints
4.328) develop new policies
4.329) enhance market share
4.330) lead the competition
4.331) win new customers,
4.332) diversify
4.333) consider new market exports
4.334) increase your information portal

B) MUNICIPALITIES, GOVERNMENT, SOCIETIES & NGOs: to establish a sustainable and public common ground
For civil servants, department heads, civic officials, and other public administrators, a tour of an actual project may offer you a few of the following "food for thought" and implementation:
4.335) constructive policies
4.336) useful incentives
4.337) proactive legislation
4.338) business incentives
4.342) professional upgrade
4.339) reduce costs
4.340) reduced liabilities
4.341) better insight & understanding
4.343) missed opportunities
4.344) an integrated approach
4.345) export of green clean energy
4.346) retrofit opportunities & facilities
4.347) optimize energy performance
4.348) optimize environmental performance
4.349) show leadership
Municipalities should join PCC, expand recycling programs, harness new forms of energy, increase dirty taxes, reduce green taxes, stop expanding the costly grid, and transfer infrastructure costs to those who demand them. We can no longer afford to make the same mistakes. Tax payers money can no longer subsidize sunset industries in a a sunrise era. Stewardship of public resources demands economic incentives, instead of arbitrary rebates which have failed in the past. Go far beyond the LEEDS limitations.


For teachers, instructors, professors, students, administrators, conference organizers and others in the academic world, a tour through a "real world" project may make a world of difference to a a textbook case study, lesson plan, research project or field trip, as you walk into a resource centre, with lots of food for thought, things to touch and friendly spaces to experience. Students and teachers may be able to engage in a few of the following worthy pursuits coming out of the tour:
4.350) see an inventory of ideas
4.351) dialogue with guides
4.352) exchange information
4.353) ask questions
4.354) walk into the context
4.355) personal enrichment
4.356) pick up literature
4.357) consider lifestyle options
4.358) acquire new skills
4.359) harness new resources
4.360) appreciate new opportunities
4.361) understand constraints
4.362) consider pros and cons
4.364) review CDROM (if available)
4.365) plan course development
4.363) experience 3-D reality
4.366) options for career opportunities
4.367) on-site education
4.368) review publications
4.369) transfer technology
4.370) get glimpses of the future
4.371) build on the past
4.372) touch products
4.373) (re)consider a school retrofit program
4.374) take pictures for your project
4.375) professional upgrade
4.376) opportunities for home or school
4.377) implement personal action
4.378) access a power point presentation
4.379) redefine library acquisitions
Learn how to harness the dynamics and opportunities of the micro "GreenHouse Effect" at home and at school to help mitigate the macro (Global) GreenHouse threat. Turn consumers into conservers, and citizens with local visions for a global survival.

4.400) IDEAS & STRATEGIES: for possible consideration:
4.401) economic diversification
4.402) lower insurance costs and risks
4.403) energy independence
4.404) cost-effective solutions
4.405) material options
4.406) conserver
4.407) business opportunities
4.408) career changes lifestyle
4.409) political freedom all incorporated into 1 integrated working model, in a 3-dimensional non-academic "real world" resource centre. This inventory and list of ideas could apply to commercial, educational, institutional, municipal and residential projects, both new construction and retrofit.

4.501) This project addresses a few of the practical solutions now available to protect and reduce the risk to personal/business security, life and property against manmade ravages of our time. These are only the signals of far greater crisis that will motivate people, civil servants and businesses into action, whether they like it or not. The wisdom of a society is in its ability to plan wisely, taking only their fair share and safeguarding a future worthy of inheriting.
4.502) spiralling utility costs (water, natural gas, electricity)
4.503) uncontrolled depletion of non renewable resources
4.504) uncontrolled global warming and local weather devastation
4.505) another unpredictable "Great Ice Storm" or hurricane
4.506) unprecedented drought
4.507) breakdowns of the electrical power grid (outages & brownouts)
4.508) devastation from earthquake (destruction of entire water, gas & sewer grids)
4.509) corporate mismanagement
4.510) flooding (mid US & Europe)
4.511) government bankruptcy & disinformation

4.600) DAYS & TIMES:
4.601) DAYS: Monday-Thursday. Closed on Fridays and holidays.
4.602) TOUR TIMES:
1) 9:00 AM-10:00 AM,
2) 10:00 AM-11:00 AM,
3) 11:00 AM-12:00 NOON,
4) 1:00 PM-2:00 PM,
5) 2:00 PM-3:00 PM, and
6) 3:00 PM-4:00 PM
4.603) COST: Fee Schedule is different for charitable groups and for-profit organizations. Please contact this office for further

APPOINTMENTS are made by sending your e-mail request to this office, providing the following:
4.701) Name of sponsor (School/Company/Group/Individual) 4.706) # of Adults, + (# of Children, Ages & Grades)
4.702) Town/City
4.703) Contact Person & Position
4.704) Contact Info: phone/fax
4.705) Purpose of Tour/Name of Conference
4.707) Date & Time preferred
4.708) how did you know about this service/project?
4.709) METHOD OF Payment: Cash, Cheque (NO credit cards)

contact: Helen Ostrowski for further information or booking, or fill out the requested information above. (403) 239-1882


4.801) Please hold onto the STAIR RAILING provided when ascending or descending STAIRS
4.802) Please respect the PRIVACY of the residents. This is a LIVED-IN "Private" DEMONSTRATION HOME and OFFICE.
4.803) REQUIREMENT: Minimum of 10 people for corporations, 20 for schools & associations.
4.804) CHILDREN: must be kept under constant supervision. This building is not CHILD-PROOF.
4.805) LENGTH of TOURS: Guided tours take 1 hour. No individual walk-throughs.
4.806) GUIDES: Private tours will be given by a partner of the firm, residents with 27 years experience [see resume].
4.807) SMOKE/PESTICIDE/PERFUME-FREE ZONE: No smoking inside the premises. No perfumes should be worn. No pesticides are used on the property.
4.808) OWN RISK: Visitors enter the premises at their own risk! Hold on to hand rails provided when going up and down the stairs.
4.819) INFO PACKAGE: will be provided and literature is available. This will be replaced be our CD-ROMs, as they become available.
4.810) DISCLAIMER: This company reserves the right to limit tours to anyone.
4.811) AGREEMENT: By going on this tour, groups and individuals indemnify this company against any claims or injuries whatsoever, arising from this tour.
4.812) PICTURE TAKING: allowed on the basis that you send us copies, please.
4.813) CD-ROMs: CD-ROMs may be available for each group.
4.814) NO CONSULTING: This tour will not provide consulting on any other projects. For those interested in this professional service, please go to consulting
4.815) SLIPPERS: All people on the tour should bring their slippers for inside the building.
4.816) BUS: If using a bus, and please the driver to be back one hour after tour is scheduled to start.

4.900) Sampling of some our PAST VISITORS, not counting individuals:
4.901) Xogen Power Inc., Calgary
4.902) Frauenhoffer Institute für BauPhysik, Stuttgart Germany
4.903) Sekisui House Ltd. (Osaka, Japan)
4.904) Land Stewardship Centre of Canada
4.905) Foothills Country Hospice Society, High River Alberta
4.906) Sawridge First Nation, Town of Slave Lake, Alberta
4.907) University of Calgary: EVDS, EcoClub, Engineers without Borders, Shad Valley Program, Success Summer program
4.908) University of Saskatchewan, CERTEE (ecological education) (Saskatoon Saskatchewan)
4.909) IDEAL Guest Ranch Community, Jaffrey BC
4.910) Grassland Naturalist, (Medicine Hat, Alberta)
4.911) Canadian Coco Tours Inc. (Banff, Alberta)
4.912) Town of Cochrane (Cochrane Environmental Management Advisory Committee)
4.913) Town of Banff (Banff Alberta)
4.914) Idemitsu Gas and Life Co. Ltd. (Tokyo Japan)
4.915) Alberta Economic Development (Edmonton, Alberta)
4.916) Krupp Canada Inc., (Calgary, Alberta)
4.917) SAIT: Architectural Technology Program, Carpentry,
4.918) Strawbale Group (Mongolia)
4.919) Agricultural Group (Hungary)
4.920) Housing Experts (UK)
4.921) Design Green, Portland Oregon
4.922) KST-Hokkaido (Hokkaido, Japan)
4.923) Institute of Building Energy Conservation (Tokyo Japan)
4.924) Building research Institute of Japan (Tsukuba, Japan)
4.925) Japan Testing Centre for Construction Materials (Tokyo, Japan)
4.926) Nice Healthy Homes Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
4.927) Hokkaido Government Cold Regions Research Center (Hokkaido, Japan)
4.928) Kona Sapporo Co. Ltd. (Hokkaido, Japan)
4.929) Toyko University (Tokyo, Japan)
4.930) Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. & Asahi Fiberglass Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
4.931) Ibiden Co. Ltd. (Tokyo Japan)
4.932) Sweden House Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
4.933) Cellulose Fibre Insulation Association (Tokyo, Japan)
4.934) Fukuoka Bussan Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)
4.935) Enetech Japan Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
4.936) Toyota Corporation (Tokyo, Japan)
4.937) Katimavik (annual basis) (various centres in Alberta)
4.938) Selkirk College (Calgary, Alberta)
4.739) Calgary Science School (Calgary, Alberta)
4.740) Cochrane High School (Calgary, Alberta)
4.941) Mount Royal College (Calgary, Alberta)
4.942) Alberta Vocational college (Calgary, Alberta)
4.943) Rundel College Elementary (Calgary, Alberta)
4.944) Audubon Expedition Institute (Main, US)
4.945) Wesley First nation, Morley Alberta
4.946) Calgary Science School (Calgary, Alberta)
4.947) Retreats International/Western Region/FCJ Christian Life Centre
4.948) Science Alberta Foundation
4.949) Clean Calgary
4.950) Nortel Northern Telecom, Calgary Alberta
4.951) CASA (Clean Air Strategic Alliance), Edmonton Alberta

5.000) "EcoHouse Rental Suite": Executive Meeting Space for rent: contact: Helen Ostrowski for further information or booking, or fill out the requested information above.

5.110) To honour the City's decentralization policy, to offer fresh clean air, blue skies and mountain views of suburbia to busy executives on retreat, or to allow visiting delegations a meeting space before or after a tour, this firm can to provide "on-site" and "in-context" meeting space. Small meetings (up to 12 people) can easily be accommodated in a unique and comfortable, healthy and ultra modern setting with healthy food service, available as an option upon request. Surroundings are quiet, safe and relaxing, compared to the hustle and bustle of downtown hotels. During the day, there is plenty of natural full-spectrum lighting and views to the outdoors, with immediate access to backyard deck and adjacent park. The setting is peaceful and quiet. No flight zones overhead. Fresh air from the country (no industry).

5.120) In 1999 CASA (Clean Air Strategic Alliance) requested and held its Calgary meeting in our demonstration project. That gave us an insight into this opportunity for others.

5.130) The Board Room is supported by full office infrastructure, adjacent to an integrated greenhouse. We can accommodate the following group or corporate events:
5.1301) annual meeting
5.1302) urban retreat
5.1303) client meetings
5.1304) negotiations
5.1305) planning strategies
5.1306) think tanks
5.1307) business linkages
5.1308) strategic alliances
5.1309) technology transfers
5.1310) joint ventures

5.200) CLIENTEL:
5.201) Any corporation, group, society or organization that does not have their own offices in Calgary and prefer to think free of the noise and pollution of downtown and avoid rush hour traffic in a quiet neighbourhood setting for the greatest return-on-investment and productive time, the following groups may find this an appropriate setting and context, conducive for innovation, leadership, creative thinking, inspiration, strategic planning, business acumen, etc.
5.202) progressive utilities
5.203) government panels
5.204) private-public partnerships
5.205) trade missions
5.206) conference planning sessions
5.207) environmental groups
5.208) progressive businesses
5.209) stakeholders
5.210) Round Tables

5.300) INTERESTED PARTIES: The premises are available for the following interested parties:
5.301) executives
5.302) Board of Governors
5.303) Board of Directors
5.304) Government Caucus
5.305) senior management
5.306) area managers
5.307) leaders
5.308) sales people
5.309) chief building inspectors
5.310) think tanks
5.311) conference organizers
5.312) trail blazers
5.313) trend setters
5.314) regional inspectors
5.315) First Nations
5.316) foreign delegations

5.400) FACILITIES (Inside):Compared to downtown hotels, we offer the following interior amenities and modern technologies, far from the rat race, even when other businesses are shut down due to power failures, flooding, high taxes, garbage strikes, Y2K, earthquakes and:
5.401) modern technology
5.402) daylight control
5.403) quiet area
5.404) private paging/message
5.405) phone service (conference calls)
5.406) healthy indoor environment
5.407) green utilities
5.408) exceptional quiet interior (1)
5.409) back deck sitting areas
5.410) abundant natural lighting
5.411) innovative leading-edge context
5.412) quiet solar radiant floor (no forced air heating)
5.413)phone/fax/internet connections
5.414) assortment of publication and references
5.415) FootNotes: 1) due to air tightness and 13" thick walls

5.500) AREA AMENTIES (Outside): This project has the following area amenities within (short walking/driving time). (fx) = footnotes
5.501) regional shopping centre (25/10 min) (f1)
5.502) 2 churches (10 & 25/5 & 7)
5.503) immediate access to 2 major routes (#1 & 1A)
5.504) tennis courts (20/5)
5.505) parkway system (f2)
5.506) adjacent outdoor park (immediate)
5.507) on bus route
5.508) university (12 minute drive)
5.509) FootNotes: 1) Crowfoot Centre: 2 food stores, restaurants, car
dealers/repair, 2) to Bowness Park

5.600) NOTICE & DISCLAIMER: The same apply as above in 2.800.

5.700) DAYS & TIMES: The same apply as above in 2.600.

5.800) OPTIONS: The following are some possible options:
5.801) tour of premises (see above)
5.802) solar cooked food (weather permitting)
5.803) fresh fruit
5.804) PowerPoint projector
5.805) photo opportunities
5.806) special requirements?

APPOINTMENTS are made by sending your e-mail request to this office, providing the following:
5.901) Name of Company/Group
5.902) Town/City
5.903) Contact Person & Position
5.904) Contact Info: phone/fax
5.905) Purpose of Meeting
5.906) Date & Time preferred
5.907) how did you know about this service/project
5.908) METHOD OF Payment: Cash, Cheque (NO credit cards)

© Jorg Ostrowski 2003. All rights reserved.

Note: Information on this page is subject to change without notice, as it becomes available, upgraded or improved. It should not be relied upon. It is only meant to inform.

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Principals: Jorg Ostrowski, M. Arch. (M.I.T.), B. Arch. (Toronto), Helen Ostrowski, B. S. Arch. (U.S.T.)
28 years in "Real World" professional Green Building practice, new & retrofit, 4 residential/commercial Demonstration Projects completed