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Mission/Vision Statement
Corporate Mandate:
Airdrie Environmental Education Centre

Strawbale Factory

Strawbale Project

Belec Passive Solar Home

Sun Harvest Health Food Store

Canterra Towers

Bible College

Our work of the last 27 years has been dedicated to a holistic integration of the following design opportunities into each building we design or build. For specific criteria and features, please see consulting. All of our design and design/built projects try to apply most of these sustainable design principles and construction features. A project requiring standard architectural design or minimum code requirements is not of interest to this firm.The only projects we take on are those that that are not obsolete upon completion.

It is hoped that our projects (and those of other design firms like ours) will increase their value through time, including: energy and utility savings, grid-independence, energy security, political sovereignty, financial freedom, constituency building, and creative empowerment. Each building should be a charming pace to live and/or work with friendly ergonomics, natural daylight, bright sunshine, fresh outdoor air and a modest EcoFootPrint. The features should combine to make each building a compliment to people, a worthy inheritance for the planet, not a monument to an architect or designer.Here are some of our main criteria to meet our Vision of a brighter future and our Mission for a greener tomorrow.

1) occupant health and indoor air quality
2) special needs of children, the elderly and handicapped
3) environmental stewardship
4) preservation of natural habitat, breathable oxygen, the ozone layer & night skies
5) Global Warming and Climate Change
6) sustainable development
7) resource preservation
8) water and energy self-sufficiency (rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling)
9) prudent use of the land and space
10) ergonomics and anthropometric design
11) minimum fossil fuel use, utility costs and Greenhouse Gas emissions
12) low embodied energy
13) maximum recycled content, cost-effectiveness and resale value
14) the many "Rs"
15) durability and life cycle costing
16) alternative, renewable and Zero Point Energy
17) appropriate technology
18) grassroots construction methods
19) voluntary simplicity and conserver lifestyles
20) cottage industries and income generation
21) work at home and walk to work opportunities;
22) the Brundtland Report; the Kyoto protocol; Agenda 21
23) applied research and development
24) "real world" education, on-the-job training and "in-context" learning
25) strategic alliances, joint ventures and partnerships
26) investment opportunities in the environment; and the
27) "Quadruple Bottom Line" [profit for the planet, people, the economy (business) and the future].

© Jorg Ostrowski 2003. All rights reserved.

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Principals: Jorg Ostrowski, M. Arch. (M.I.T.), B. Arch. (Toronto), Helen Ostrowski, B. S. Arch. (U.S.T.)
28 years in "Real World" professional Green Building practice, new & retrofit, 4 residential/commercial Demonstration Projects completed